Dr. Kevin Barrett Interviews Joshua Blakeney About His New Book


On February 20, 2015 I was interviewed by Dr. Kevin Barrett about my new book Japan Bites Back. Dr. Barrett had read my book prior to the interview and characterized it as “a fascinating contribution to World War II revisionism.” Many subjects were broached during the show, including:

  • The connections between Imperial Japan and the Islamic World
  • The biases of the Nuremberg Tribunal and the Tokyo Trials
  • The attempt by Zionists to abolish freedom of speech and impose a global ban upon WWII revisionism
  • The questioning of the victors’ history of WWII by mainstream journalist Henry Stokes
  • Harry Dexter White, Henry Morgenthau and the Zionist/Soviet infiltration of the FDR administration
  • The anti-colonial leaders who collaborated with Imperial Japan
  • The Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere
  • The McCollum Memo and anti-Japanese provocations prior to the Pearl Harbor attack
  • Isoroku Yamamoto and political factionalism in Japan in the 1930s and 40s
  • Yukio Mishima and post-war Japanese cultural struggles

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