NHK Documentary on Shinto Shrines

In trying to produce some content for this new blog, I thought I’d re-post a comment I made on Facebook regarding this NHK documentary on Shinto Shrines:

I’ve been to a few of the Shinto shrines featured in this NHK show. Unlike Europeans, Japanese have not had their pagan religious practices negated by the hebraic religion of Christianity. For all intents and purposes Japanese society is a pagan society in harmony with nature and with a non-dualist ethical superstructure. Admittedly, since 1945 this has been watered down somewhat by the introduction of Western materialism, liberalism, and neo-Marxism but there are still many spiritual phenomena present in Japan whose occidental equivalents were abolished in Europe many hundreds of years ago as a result of the intra-Judaic dispute which led to the Christianization of Europe.

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