This blog develops a critical analysis of mainstream Japan-related historiography and cultural commentary. It recognizes the importance of exposing to scrutiny the many unsupportable claims inherent to the Victors’ History of WWII.

Additionally, this blog recognizes that Japanese culture contains many admirable qualities which non-Japanese would be wise to emulate or revive within their own cultural contexts. In this vein, Japanese spirituality and nationhood are reoccurring subjects broached on this blog.

The editor of this blog is journalist Joshua Blakeney. Joshua has collated many rare historical documents including most of the original Japan-related prose of Ralph Townsend and David Warren Ryder, two commentators who were imprisoned in WWII by the FDR administration for their opposition to war with Japan.

Joshua’s book Japan Bites Back: Documents Contextualizing Pearl Harbour was the product of archival research he conducted at the National Diet Library in Tokyo in 2014.

Joshua Blakeney at the National Diet Library
Joshua Blakeney at the National Diet Library, Tokyo.

Joshua can be contacted at:



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