Review of Japan Bites Back

A website dedicated to commemorating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack has posted a review of Japan Bites Back.

The reviewer states:

It details the views of the Japanese government and the Japanese people at the time of the war, and during the aftermath of the war. Since this time, the majority of people have believed that Japan struck out against the United States because Japan wanted to rule the world. The author of this book argues that this was not the case.

Some of the documents in the book suggest that the Japanese were predicting that communism was about to engulf China. We now know that China did succumb to communism in the late 1940s, and Mr. Blakeney makes us wonder what else were in the documents that Japan lost while they were occupied by American forces.

At a minimum, this book is interesting because of the Japanese historical documents it discusses.

The full review can be read here.

In the comments section beneath the review someone purporting to be John Koster, author of Operation Snow, complimented the book also. The commenter writes: “The Japanese documents that JAPAN BITES BACK offers are well worth the price of the book to any serious historian.”